Pain Management

Many individuals in America suffer from some form of chronic pain. Chronic pain can be a burden for both patients and their healthcare providers. Chronic neuropathic pain results from many origins that result in functional changes due to diseases like diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome type I (formerly RSD), fibromyalgia, post-surgical neuropathy, post-trauma neuropathy and neuropathies with no known cause and share the same pathway of sensory input and central recognition. Compounding allows the physician to choose multiple drugs to affect these pathways with different mechanisms of action to increase efficacy while decreasing adverse drug reactions.  As a compounding pharmacy, we have prepared a wide range of medications from relieving the acute pain of severe sunburns with low dose topical ketoprofen gels to the chronic bone pain of cancer metastasis that were unrelieved by Morphine, Duragesic or Oxycontin. We use a wide range of transdermal bases to transport the medications through the skin. We have the training, expertise, chemicals, equipment and certified clean room to work with your physician to tailor a medication to relieve your pain. Below is an example script showing various medications and their actions that can be combined in a transdermal cream. This allows the physician to create the most effective product for their patient’s pain. These custom creams gives the physician a tool to control the patient’s pain, while reducing or minimizing the patient’s need for systemic medications and their side effects.